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Our diesel mechanical and engineering facility was established in 1980. We support a range of customers’ industries including diesel passenger and 4WD, road transport, industrial and marine. Our service has expanded to precision engine overhauls, including diagnostics and full-service mechanics.

We’ve built a small, state-of-the-art diesel fuel injection facility to offer an in-house service. This marked the start of our one-stop-shop for diesel services ability – the first in South Australia. Yet, we were still relying on outsourced balancing services which was problematic. This led to our next endeavour – purchasing precision balancing equipment which completed our in-house turbocharger repair & overhaul services.

Pre-electronic era, we worked with companies such as NAWMA, Serco, ASC Defence Maritime Services, Royal Australian Navy, RAAF Edinburgh Olympic Dam and Scania. Today, the concept of diesel engine (and vehicle operation) is a different story.

Transitioning to the fully computer-controlled, engine management required new training, tooling, and equipment… and a dash of curiosity, that most manufacturers of the C/R fuel systems didn’t have. This left customers only having one option: purchasing new or reconditioned systems direct at inflated prices. With us, you have choices.

In the past 18 years, we’ve manufactured tooling, developed testing and calibration equipment by reverse-engineering many of these systems. We decoded the specifications, created service techniques and procedures, and did this within our own service facilities.

We continue to invest in new equipment, tools and training to offer premium diagnostics, engine, mechanical, diesel injection and turbocharger services for both earlier mechanical and electronic systems.

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