Diesel Fuel Injection Servicing & Repairs

Diesel injectors are complex components that directly impact engine performance. Mechanical systems operate around 250 bar – 3500 psi and each injector must deliver the correct level of fuel, at the right time – thousands of times per minute.

Many factors affect the lifetime of an injector, including age, poor quality fuel, overheating, and excessive carbon deposits. The pre-combustion pintle type injector, popular in 4WD and passenger cars requires servicing every 100,000km – otherwise the result will be poor performance, no power, and high fuel consumption.

We can recondition your injector

At Adelaide Diesel Centre, we have the solutions for all diesel injector requirements. Using our electronic repair, testing and calibration equipment, we recondition injectors to match fuel flow and pressure settings.

We do much more than just repairs. We get to the bottom of the problem, and identify the solution. Unfortunately, injector manufacturers don’t provide service instructions, which often lead to a simple factory change over. This process is expensive and rarely meets the necessary emissions standards.

Instead, we identify the exact specifications required for testing and repair – and fix the problem using genuine parts. Injectors are our business, so leave it to the experts.

How Diesel Common Rail Fuel Systems Work

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